Campus: St Athanasius College
Contact hours 36
Total time commitment 150
Start date 22 Feb, 2021
Census date: 16 Mar, 2021
End date: 11 Jun, 2021
Academic: Fr Dr Gregorios Awad and Shady Nessim
  1. Anonymous. The Holy Euchologion of the three anaphora’s of Sts Basil, Gregory and Cyril. Dār ālǧyl llṭbāʿh, 1993.
  2. Labib, Kladios. Alābṣlmwdyh ālsnwyh ālmqdsh (The Holy Annual Psalmodia). Cairo, 1908.
  3. Mallon, Alexis. Grammaire Copte. Translated by Boulos Ayad. Boulder, Colo, 2004.
  4. Younan, Sameh. So, You Want to Learn Coptic?: A Guide to Bohairic Grammar. St Mary, St Bakhomious, St Shenouda Coptic Orthodox Church, 2005.

Unit code: AL1200A (Approved)

Points: 18.0

Unit level: Undergraduate Level 1

Unit discipline: Languages

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