This unit builds on AL1002W/AL1702W, the basic introduction to biblical Greek, and introduces more advanced level grammar and vocabulary using a translation-based method (selections from Mark, Romans and Revelation). Students are introduced to the principles of textual criticism.

Unit code: AL1012W

Unit status: Approved (Major revision)

Points: 18.0

Unit level: Undergraduate Level 1

Unit discipline: Languages

Delivery Mode: Face to Face

Proposing College: Whitley College

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Learning outcomes


Demonstrate a detailed and comprehensive understanding of Greek grammar and syntax.


Show evidence of competence in translation in selected texts.


Indicate intermediate-level knowledge of vocabulary and style.


Identify textual critical issues and demonstrate skills necessary for redactional work with a Greek synopsis


Apply translation skills to the exegetical task and to the preparation of sermons and Bible studies.

Unit sequence

Prerequisite: New Testament Greek A (or equivalent)


Face-to-face classes and weekly tutorial support via email

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Type Description Word count Weight (%)

Weekly translation exercises

2000 40.0
Short Answer Tests

Weekly class tests

1000 20.0
Written Examination

One 2 hour examination

2000 40.0

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