This unit introduces students to the basic morphology, syntax, and vocabulary of New Testament Greek. Students will focus on the noun system and the present, future, and imperfect indicative active verb. Students will complete lessons and drill exercises to a point just past midway through the set text. Several short passages from the New Testament will be translated.

Unit Code: AL1203L

Points: 18.0

Unit Level: Undergraduate Level 1

Unit Discipline: Languages

Delivery Mode: Face to Face

Proposing College: Australian Lutheran College

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Learning Outcomes


Read Greek script at a glance


Identify the basic vocabulary of biblical Greek


Operate with the rudiments of Greek grammar and syntax


Provide a literal and fluent English translation of simple sentences from the Greek New Testament


Lectures, drills, tests, peer group work


Type Description Wordcount Weight (%)
Written Examination

Summative tests 2500 words equivalent

0 60.0
Written Examination

Written examination 1.5 hours (1500 words equivalent)

0 40.0

Unit approved for the University of Divinity by John Capper on 1 Nov, 2017

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