Johannine literature provides a rich repository of language and imagery for Christian theology that is centered on the loving relationship between God and humanity. In this unit, the Gospel of John and the letters of John are studied as both witnesses to the communities in which they were written and as works of literature. The contribution of Johannine literature to the development of Christian theology is explored through an engagement with multiple theological themes and contemporary interpretative lenses.

Unit code: BN3001Z

Unit status: Approved (New unit)

Points: 18.0

Unit level: Undergraduate Level 3

Unit discipline: New Testament

Proposing College: St Francis College

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Learning outcomes


Demonstrate the ability to discuss the authorship of John’s Gospel in detail, with reference to the wider Johannine corpus and its socio-historical contexts.


Demonstrate advanced skills in literary analysis, including narrative and perspective criticism.


Demonstrate advanced skills in using hermeneutical lenses to engage the text.


Demonstrate the ability to communicate biblical and theological concepts clearly for a lay audience.

Unit sequence

Perquisites for this unit are 2 first year and one second year Biblical Studies units.


This unit will incorporate a flipped learning approach prior to on-campus workshops that will combine direct instruction and collaborative learning approaches.

Indicative Bibliography

  • Coloe, Mary L. Dwelling in the Household of God: Johannine Ecclesiology and Spirituality. Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 2007.

  • Conway, Colleen M. John and the Johannine Letters. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2017.

  • Thompson, Marianne M. The God of the Gospel of John. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2001


Type Description Word count Weight (%)
Portfolio - Reading Portfolio

Six (6) reading reflections.

1500 10.0
Essay - Narrative Text Analysis

Short essay.

1000 30.0
Exegesis - Exegesis

Exegetical essay.

1000 30.0
Project Report or Project Journal - Practical Project

Pastoral toolkit project.

1000 30.0

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