This course examines Christian history with attention to the socio-spiritual location of Indigenous peoples in the Missio Dei. Many versions of the Christian story have reduced that story to a self-narrative, treating it as through it were a history of our civilization. This approach too often reflected the motives of colonial advance, and merged the transmission of the gospel with a Euro-centric view of the world. Contemporary historiography challenges this approach and highlights the polycentricity of Christian histories. This unit addresses Christian history from the perspective of Indigenous peoples and affirms the importance of local histories for growth in and witness to the gospel.

Unit code: CH9103W (Approved)

Points: 24.0

Unit level: Postgraduate Elective

Unit discipline: Church History

Delivery mode: Blended

Proposing College: Whitley College

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Learning outcomes


Organise a Christian history which attends to the polycentric and multiple nature of that history;


Discuss theological developments through Christian history with reference to both a multi-denominational and international context.


Drawing on the polycentricity of Christian history, discuss the possibility and importance of an indigenous Christian history


Develop historical and theological concepts for engagement in Indigenous ministry


Critique and evaluate beliefs, actions and traditions of Christian communities with a view to better facilitate Indigenous learning.

Unit sequence

Foundation unit in History and/or Theology


Lectures, Discussion groups Reading comprehension quizzes, online discussions


Type Description Word count Weight (%)

Contribution to online forums and discussions (1000 words) Class Discussions

0 15.0

Summaries and Questions (1000 words)

0 15.0
Project Report or Project Journal

Mid-course project (1500 words)

0 30.0
Project Report or Project Journal

Research Project (2500 words)

0 40.0

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