This unit will examine the problem of articulating the nature of God and of God's relationship with the world. The main foci for this will be God as sustaining source (creation) and as final goal (eschatology) of the universe and in particular of humanity.

Unit Code: CT3210C

Points: 18.0

Unit Level: Undergraduate Level 3

Unit Discipline: Systematic Theology

Delivery Mode: Face to Face

Proposing College: Catholic Theological College

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Learning Outcomes


Make a reasonable attempt to articulate coherently the nature of God


Evaluate different models for the relationship of God and the world


Show an understanding of the idea of God as Creator


Demonstrate a nuanced understanding of the question of change in God.


Interpret the God - world relationship in the light of the Incarnation and the Paschal Mystery.


Articulate a “resolution” of the issues in the God–world relationship in terms of the doctrine of the Trinity.


Develop a theologically informed understanding of the traditional elements of Catholic eschatology.

Unit sequence

The unit builds on studies in introductory and fundamental theology, Christology and Trinitarian theology, in the context of which it articulates an approach to a theology of creation and eschatology. Prerequisite units: CT1110C, CT2201C and CT2202C or equivalent


Lectures focused on clarity of explanation. Ready engagement with comments and questions from students to elicit areas needing further clarification leading to enhanced learning.


Type Description Wordcount Weight (%)
Oral Examination

Oral examination of 15 mins

0 20.0

Essay of 1,000 words

1000 20.0

Essay of 1,000 words

1000 20.0

Essay of 1,000 words

1000 20.0
Tutorial Paper

Tutorial paper of 500 words

500 20.0

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