This unit introduces students to an action-reflection model of learning in a specific community service placement. It includes a focus on the development of competency in skills relevant to holistic mission and ministry. Students will reflect on their engagement in a range of experiences in connection with the life, mission and ministry of a faith based social or community service agency. This unit is predominantly delivered in non-classroom based settings.

Unit code: DA8106B (Approved)

Points: 24.0

Unit level: Postgraduate Foundational

Unit discipline: Mission and Ministry

Proposing College: Catherine Booth College

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Learning outcomes


Demonstrate competence and contextualised understanding of pastoral practice in a range of leadership and service delivery skills in relation to a social or community service agency.


Reflect critically on the placement and its contribution to the formation of their vocational identity.


Analyse and critically evaluate the factors affecting a social or community service agency in delivering holistic mission and ministry.


Identify and illustrate how their action-reflection skills enabled them to evaluate their own learning through contribution to, and practical engagement with, the placement.


Analyse and contrast two models of action-reflection learning.

Unit sequence

15 points from Field B, C or DM or equivalent


Learning is achieved through action-reflection on assigned placements, as well as individual and group supervision. It is assessed on a Pass/Fail basis only.

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Type Description Word count Weight (%)

3000 word integrative essay

3000 50.0
Case Study

1500 word case study/critical incident reflection

1500 25.0

1500 word learning agreement and learning achievement report

1500 25.0

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