Growing faith and faith communities is a central question and concern for the Church as it confronts the complexity of its contemporary contexts, where engaging with those it seeks to form goes far beyond the Sunday School and the pulpit. From Godly play with small children to pastoral care in aged care settings, being able to communicate the Word of God in varied contexts is central to supporting the growth of flourishing faith communities that can adapt to changing contexts.

In this unit, you will engage with the principles and skills of learning of and teaching the faith through a contemporary and dynamic understanding of Christian education. The learning is kept contextually relevant through practice-based experiential learning.

Unit code: DA9001Z

Unit status: Approved (New unit)

Points: 24.0

Unit level: Postgraduate Elective

Unit discipline: Mission and Ministry

Proposing College: St Francis College

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Learning outcomes


Articulate and analyse conceptual links between faith formation, formation of faith communities and pastoral care, demonstrated in ministry practice.


Demonstrate engagement with and evaluation of educational practices in faith formation across the human lifespan.


Analyse and evaluate the roles liturgy, sacraments, and communication of the Word play in effective personal faith formation and faith formation of communities.


Theologically reflect upon practices of faith formation in different contexts.  

Unit sequence

The prerequisites for this unit are two foundational postgraduate units in Mission and Ministry.


This unit fosters a collaborative peer learning environment in which students are encouraged to engage in constructivist and experiential approaches to learning. It will facilitate the development of reflective practice to support the integration of learning.

Indicative Bibliography

  • Ward, Pete. Introducing practical theology: Mission, ministry, and the life of the church. Baker Academic, 2017.

  • Thompson, Judith. Theological reflection. (2nd ed.) SCM Press, 2019.

  • Day, Juliette J. Reading the liturgy: an exploration of texts in Christian worship. Bloomsbury Publishing, 2014.


Type Description Word count Weight (%)
Forum - Participation

Participation in forum discussion.

1000 15.0
Project Report or Project Journal - Project

Formation/Christian Education Project Plan and Report.

3000 50.0
Portfolio - Portfolio

Written and Oral Presentation

3000 35.0

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