In this unit, students will be introduced to the Catholic Church’s liturgical rites and the Church’s vision of music in the liturgy according to official documents from the Holy See that have been produced over the last 100 years, particularly following the Second Vatican Council (1962–65). Participants in the unit will explore liturgical principles for integrating into the sacramental rites various types of liturgical music (e.g. ministerial chants, psalmody, hymnody, choral and instrumental music), and they will be provided with criteria for assessing the relative worth of liturgical music selections in a variety of ritual and pastoral contexts in the Church today.

Unit Code: DL2606C

Points: 18.0

Unit Level: Undergraduate Level 2

Unit Discipline: Liturgy

Delivery Mode: Face to Face

Proposing College: Catholic Theological College

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Learning Outcomes


Articulate the primary liturgical principles for choosing music in the liturgy of the Catholic Church;


Illustrate where, why and how music might be used appropriately in a liturgical rite;


Explain the distinctive roles that various liturgical ministers exercise when integrating music within the liturgy;


Identify various official and non-official sources of liturgical music that can be utilised when preparing music for liturgical celebrations in the Catholic Church;


Evaluate the various styles of liturgical music used during a celebration and their relative worth based on recognized liturgical, musical and pastoral criteria.

Unit sequence

DL1000C or equivalent


A variety of teaching methods will be explored in this unit. These include lectures, some student seminars or presentations of liturgical rites with commentary about selected musical suggestions, and field study in a worship setting which involves the integration of music


Type Description Wordcount Weight (%)
Oral Presentation

1,000-word class presentation

1000 20.0

2,500-word essay or project

2500 60.0

1,000-word evaluation of a liturgical celebration with music

1000 20.0

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