Humans develop and grow through many different life-stages from pregnancy to death, each of which calls for theological reflection and liturgical response. The church celebrates and marks these life-processes through its liturgical life which has developed over time and will continue to respond to the changing ways that communities and individuals engage with their faith. In this unit, these key liturgical moments will be explored theologically and practically. Students will have an opportunity to develop skills in writing and leading liturgy for the church as it engages with and celebrates the life of its members.

Unit code: DL9031Z

Unit status: Approved (New unit)

Points: 24.0

Unit level: Postgraduate Elective

Unit discipline: Liturgy

Proposing College: St Francis College

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Learning outcomes


Apply incarnational theology to the liturgical celebration of human life.


Analyse how liturgical theology is applied to human life across the lifespan.


Evaluate the gaps within the Church’s liturgy in celebrating the diverse milestones of human living.


Create and present a liturgy addressing a critical human life milestone.

Unit sequence

The prerequisites for this unit are two foundational postgraduate units and one postgraduate elective in Mission and Ministry.


This unit fosters a collaborative peer learning environment in which students are encouraged to engage in constructivist and experiential approaches to learning. It will facilitate the development of reflective practice to support the integration of learning.

Indicative Bibliography

  • Day, Juliette J. Reading the liturgy: an exploration of texts in Christian worship. Bloomsbury Publishing, 2014.


Type Description Word count Weight (%)
Forum - Participation

Participation in forum discussion.

1500 35.0
Essay - Essay

Short critical essay

2500 35.0
Project Report or Project Journal - Project

Liturgy Development Project plan and report.

3000 50.0

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