This unit is a practical unit in a supervised ministry context. This unit offers the opportunity for the acquisition and development of skills for ministry in an intensive pastoral/ministry placement of 12 weeks. As such, it provides practical experience, reflection on that experience under supervision, and participative learning. The model proposed is action-reflection-integration, under supervision. Examples of such long-term pastoral placement would include parish ministry, youth ministry and ministry to Indigenous persons.

Unit code: DP3004C

Unit status: Approved (Major revision)

Points: 18.0

Unit level: Undergraduate Level 3

Unit discipline: Pastoral Theology and Ministry Studies

Proposing College: Catholic Theological College

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Learning outcomes


Demonstrate skills in pastoral interaction in terms of self-reflection and articulation of experience and the capacity to work collaboratively with others in ministry, under supervision.


Demonstrate the capacity to work through the unit paradigm of action-reflection-integration, under supervision.


Formulate critical ministry reports and ministry journal in such a way as to evidence appropriation of the paradigm.


Examine and articulate a range of pastoral presence skills required in diverse ministry settings.


Demonstrate the capacity to integrate scripture and theological texts into pastoral reflection.


Demonstrate an integrated understanding of Child Safeguarding and Professional Ministry Standards.

Unit sequence

Pre-requisite - Completion of two field D units plus DP1/2001C and DP1/2002C for BMin students Co-requisite/pre-requisite – DP2/3XXXC Pastoral Leadership for a Safe Church The unit also requires an interview with the unit coordinator before commencement.

All STFE students prior to commencing their placement will have completed a Learning Module about the University’s Code of Conduct as well as additional learning about Safeguarding, including safeguarding processes particular to their denomination (see co-requisite/pre-requisite above – Pastoral Leadership for a Safe Church).


This unit, a practical unit, offers the opportunity for the acquisition and development of skills for ministry in an intensive pastoral/ministry placement of 12 weeks, under supervision, including - a minimum of 96 hours placement,

  • a minimum of 24 hours of theological reflection, integration and supervision, 6 hours of which is individual supervision;
  • 12 hours planning and review of placement;
  • and 18 study hours.

The primary pedagogical framework is action-reflection-integration: in a given ministerial context, students are invited to reflect on their practice, through narrative/verbatim modes of presentation. In the second place, students are invited to engage in weekly pastoral journaling as a way of integrating ongoing reflection into their practice.

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Type Description Word count Weight (%)
Verbatim Report

The assessment tasks were changed in light of the external review.

Practical Assessment: 4 x 500-word verbatim reports (4 x 10%)

2000 40.0
Project Report or Project Journal

The assessment tasks were changed in light of the external review.

3000 60.0

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