This is a practical unit in a supervised ministry context. The unit focuses especially on developing sufficient experience in parish administration to be able to assist in pastoral leadership. The student has opportunity to be involved in congregational structures, key committees, and supervised leadership and to work with lay leaders in developing a team approach to administration and leadership. The unit includes an introduction to the parish routine and the variety of administrative and leadership tasks expected of parish pastors and provides opportunity to become familiar with the necessary documentation for parish record keeping.

Unit Code: DP3625L

Points: 18.0

Unit Level: Undergraduate Level 3

Unit Discipline: Pastoral Theology and Ministry Studies

Delivery Mode: Practicum

Proposing College: Australian Lutheran College

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Learning Outcomes


Demonstrate basic competency in organisational skills, exercising responsibility, and appropriate delegation


Demonstrate a working knowledge of parish administration and office routine


List government requirements in regard to performing marriages


Reflect on their own approach to administration and/or leadership on the basis of further reading and supervision

Unit sequence

Prerequisites: At least 36 points in Field D—Pastoral Theology and Ministry Studies (DP) Normally • the student fulfils a vocational requirement


This is applied workplace learning informed by relevant literature, supervisory observation and mentoring, and student reflective integrative responses.


Type Description Wordcount Weight (%)

Readings to be identified by the end of week 4

1000 20.0
Project Report or Project Journal

Project to be developed by the end of week 2 and completed by the end of the semester

4000 80.0

Unit approved for the University of Divinity by John Capper on 18 Oct, 2018

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