This unit is an introduction to counselling within the setting of the Coptic Orthodox Church. It will emphasize the foundations of Christian counselling, including the profile of a shepherd-lay counsellor: lessons learned from the Good Shepherd.

Unit code: DP8600A (Approved)

Points: 24.0

Unit level: Postgraduate Foundational

Unit discipline: Pastoral Theology and Ministry Studies

Proposing College: St Athanasius College

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Learning outcomes


Differentiate between the premises and methods of Christian counselling and general counselling.


Analyse the frameworks of counselling from a Christian perspective.


Evaluate the historical use of counselling, in particular through its use in the Orthodox tradition.


Analyse counselling methods within the spiritual, moral, and ethical context.


Integrate the conceptual frameworks of counselling into a broader understanding of pastoral ministry.


The unit will emphasise active participation, interaction and discussion. Teaching methods will include lecturer input, group discussion and reflection, supervised role playing, guiding responses to case studies, and the of the use of related resources and activities

Indicative Bibliography

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Type Description Word count Weight (%)
Verbatim Report

Practical Assessment – Verbatim 3000 words

3000 50.0

Written Assessment Task - Essay 2000 words

2000 30.0
Personal Reflection

Written Assessment Task – Reflection papers x 4 1000 words

1000 30.0

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