This unit builds on the foundational CPE unit, DP9100S, Clinical Pastoral Education Level 1. Advanced level CPE builds upon the skills and competencies in CPE level 1, educating and forming people for the work of pastoral and spiritual care through an action- reflection model. This experiential cycle of learning will develop their capacity for reflection upon concrete experience, reflective observation, pastoral and theological conceptualization and active experimentation. Students are given freedom to depart responsibly from a Level 1 format and therefore will consider their own personal security in the absence of well-defined roles and boundaries.
The Candidate will be required, through prepared documents and personal interview, to demonstrate competency at an advanced CPE standard to a panel of professional people representing pastoral, supervisory and theological traditions.

Unit code: DP9273S

Unit status: Approved (Minor revision)

Points: 48.0

Unit level: Postgraduate Elective

Unit discipline: Pastoral Theology and Ministry Studies

Proposing College: Stirling College

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Learning outcomes


Develop learning and personal development goals that extend their “learning edges”


Demonstrate competency in initiating, developing and concluding pastoral interactions with a variety of people in creative and integrated ways


Identify and respond to the person's spiritual needs and resources in ways that contribute to the person's wellbeing


Engage professionally with inter-disciplinary staff and confront hard choices of truth and power appropriately


Demonstrate the ability to reflect on their experience of pastoral and spiritual care in their writing, with a group of peers and with their supervisor


Critically reflect upon the particulars of their encounters and pastoral experience in the light of general spiritual/theological themes and concepts.


Demonstrate a strong awareness of their identity as a spiritual carer and articulate a preferred style of practice, assessing its appropriateness, strengths and limitations.


Identify, develop and integrate general pastoral principles from reflection on their pastoral practice


Critique a variety of strategies as well as personal stances pertinent to the professional practice of pastoral and spiritual care

Unit sequence

Successful completion of DP9100S Clinical Pastoral Education Level 1 Permission to undertake the CPE Unit at Advanced Level from the CPE Centre Director prior to enrolment.


Supervised peer group review of presentations of spiritual care and other materials Individual supervision Group didactic sessions Presentation to Accreditation Panel

Indicative Bibliography

The essential resource is "the living human document” (Anton Boisen). The following is a guide to some useful resources.

RECOMMENDED READING (Note that only a selection of these items will be available at most CPE centres):

Carroll, Michael and Maria C. Gilbert, On Being a Supervisee: Creating Learning Partnerships. Psychoz Publications, 2011.

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Type Description Word count Weight (%)

Journal 2500 words

2500 10.0
Case Study

Case study 2000 words

2000 10.0

Essay 1500 words

1500 15.0
Oral Presentation

Oral Presentation

0 25.0

Essay 1 2500 words

2500 20.0

Reports 6500 words

6500 20.0

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