This unit examines foundational issues concerning the nature, purpose, context and practice of religious education in the Catholic Christian tradition. The focus is on Catholic schooling in Australia and is informed by church documents, clarification of current terminology used in regard to religious education, and an explanation of the sources of revelation. Participants are introduced to the history of Catholic schooling in Australia and to the work of contemporary theorists of religious education. While emphasising the importance of Catholic identity and the roles of prayer, ritual, liturgy and social justice in the maintenance of that identity, there is also an exploration of the possibilities of enrichment through interfaith dialogue.

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Unit level: Postgraduate Foundational

Unit discipline: Religious Education

Proposing College: Yarra Theological Union

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Learning outcomes


Articulate an understanding of the nuances of meaning in the term “religious education” and of the critical role played by context in the delivery of religious education


Identify and explain the roles of Scripture, Tradition and experience in the processes of religious education


Demonstrate knowledge of the social, political and religious context that gave rise to Catholic schools and of their evolution to the present


Recognise, explain and assess the possibilities of some contemporary approaches to “religious education”


Identify the roles of prayer, ritual, liturgy and social justice in the maintenance of Catholic identity and mission and the possibilities of enrichment through interfaith dialogue

Unit sequence

Prerequisites: 1st year of GCTRE


Intensive: Face to face Two sessions of two days

Indicative Bibliography

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