This unit will explore how art has been and remains an integral part of the evangelising and catechising mission of the Church. Through art, the unit will explore essential themes of Catholic theology and scripture, such as: the Trinity, Jesus Christ, Mary, the saints, heaven and hell, the Church, the sacraments, sin and evil, suffering and death, virtues and vices, mission and service.

Participants will explore skills and techniques of ‘visual literacy’ through the examination of the elements of art: colour, line, medium, mood, gesture, framing, lighting and symbols. Students will then be invited to unpack the theological and spiritual elements portrayed through art and compare them with the current teachings of the Catholic Church. In each session, students will explore the pedagogical and catechetical application of the arts for their ministry and mission.

Unit Code: DS2303C

Points: 18.0

Unit Level: Undergraduate Level 2

Unit Discipline: Spirituality

Delivery Mode: Face to Face

Proposing College: Catholic Theological College

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Learning Outcomes


Understand the principles and the basis of ‘visual literacy’ in an educational and ministerial setting


Identify the elements of ‘visual literacy’: colour, line, medium, mood, gesture, framing, lighting and symbols


Classify the style of the artworks in their historical context and background


Articulate the theological and spiritual elements of the artwork within its own historical context


Compare the theology and spirituality of particular artworks in the context of past and present Catholic theology


Explain the use of art as a pedagogical and catechetical tool within the students’ ministry of evangelisation and catechesis

Unit sequence

BS1001C and CT1000C or equivalent


Face-to-face; tutorials, discussions


Type Description Wordcount Weight (%)

1000-word essay comparing two artworks on the same theme by two different artists

1000 30.0
Oral Presentation

15-minute presentation on one of the themes of the course

0 20.0

1500-word essay on a theme relevant to their ministry

1500 50.0

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