This unit explores the foundational principles of contemplation and their relevance to our life, work and spiritual practice. The formation program will draw on the various contemplative elements of inner silence, solitude, spiritual practices, listening, discernment and the human experience of the Transcendent.

Participants will be invited to reflect on these aspects of contemplation and the impact on their developing awareness of spiritual aspects and practices in participant’s everyday life experience.

Unit code: DS9201W

Unit status: Approved (Major revision)

Points: 24.0

Unit level: Postgraduate Elective

Unit discipline: Spirituality

Proposing College: Whitley College

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Learning outcomes


Demonstrate an informed and critical appreciation of contemplation


Articulate an understanding of various experiences of contemplation


Assess models of spiritual practice, listening and action that relate to everyday life experience


Compare and contrast various approaches to contemplative practices as they relate to vocational engagement and systematically evaluate the traditional approaches to contemplative practice.


Creatively apply the principles of contemplative practice to discernment processes in life decisions

Unit sequence

No prerequisites required


Lectures, personal reflection, sharing in triad groups, supervised practice.

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Book review

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