Inspired by the social encyclical of Pope Francis, Laudato Si’, this unit investigates the global crises in economics, social inequality and climate change, and responses from Christian social traditions. It explores debates about sustainability in the light of global warming, and what this will mean for economic development, particularly for the alleviation of hunger and poverty through the Sustainable Development Goals. It will explore the relationships between religious belief, economics and the environment,and the role of values in these debates.

Unit Code: DT9016Y

Points: 24.0

Unit Level: Postgraduate Elective

Unit Discipline: Moral Theology

Delivery Mode: Face to Face

Proposing College: Yarra Theological Union

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Learning Outcomes


Identify and analyse key factors in the debates over economics and/or sustainable development


Evaluate and critique the arguments around sustainability and social equity examined in the unit


Demonstrate understanding of the moral principles involved in economic and social development


Analyse the moral dimensions of one or more economic or environmental issues and their consequences for human development


Critically evaluate major moral aspects in current economic and/or environmental issues


Evaluate the responsibilities of the churches in relation to current issues in economic policy and environmental sustainability.

Unit sequence

One foundational unit in Moral Theology or its equivalent


Lectures, class discussion, essay writing, use of internet resources


Type Description Wordcount Weight (%)

3000-word essay

3000 40.0

4000-word essay.

4000 60.0

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